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Pasta Alla Rosa in Allentown PA is open for lunch and dinner

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Latest Posts

Finding a Company to Fit Our Waste Removal Needs

While we may not be a massive organization like a hotel or college, we still have waste problems that are much larger than your average household. Plus we are in a commercial area, so we have to have someone other than waste management come out to empty our dumpsters. We also have lots of materials for recycling, and even more oil that we need to find a use for. We know there are companies that will pay up for the oil, but we need to find the right company to work with.

Waste collection is serious business when it comes to restaurants like ours because we do have a significant amount of food waste at the end of everyday, and it adds up very fast. This can become a problem quickly because animals will be drawn to it, and our current dumpster is quite small in size, and in the past we were forced to leave some stuff outside of the dumpster because there was no more room.

Of course we also require the company we choose to give us many additional containers at no additional cost beyond the first one or two. Beyond that we don’t really have many other requirements.

The Wonders of Real Tea Tree Oil

Among all the amazing things that come from Australia, one of the most wonderful things to originate from there is tea tree oil. Although there are now many different variations of tea tree oil, but Australia has the original, strongest tea tree oils, coming from their trees. The oil was used by the aborigines from ages ago, and the oil still has many uses to this day.

First and foremost, tea tree oil works wonders on the skin. Think of it as some type of magical topical solution to things like dry skin, sunburns, infections, and it can even help with easing rashes and acne & blackheads. Do you have a skin tag somewhere on your body, or maybe even one of your pets might have one? This oil will help dehydrate the skin with regular use, which will gradually shrink the skin tag over time. Some report tea tree oil also helps reduce the size and duration of cold sores.

Most tea tree oils are also incredibly useful for cleaning applications. You can clean very sensitive items like a toothbrush, and even use it as a deodorant, which many prefer over traditional deodorant because it’s much less harmful on your skin and pores.

You can buy pure tea tree oil easily online, and if you’re willing to compromise for a weaker, less potent kind, you can probably get some at your local store.


Purchasing New Equipment for the Kitchen

Since we are planning on upgrading lots of our equipment in the kitchen, and looking for new ideas of creative food that we can bring to the menu. One of the upgrades we are looking into is getting an air fryer of some sort, or maybe even a couple. We found a site earlier while doing research for the best air fryer that would fit our specific needs.

We aren’t necessarily looking for big equipment because we are limited on space when it comes to making additions to the kitchen, and we are looking for something particularly easy to use since it will mainly be food runners and those doing food prep. The main idea is to add some items to the menu that can easily prepared by someone other than the chefs, they are already busy enough as it is and shouldn’t be bother with just preparing appetizers.

Anyway, there are endless possibilities, but we need to keep in mind the theme of the restaurant and what has worked well in the past when it comes to what customers liked, and we can even look into taking suggestions from the public too. If you have any ideas or recommendations feel free to let us know.

Giving Back to Our Employees

It’s a fact that we appreciate all of our supporters and employees, and we treat everyone like family. Our employees are especially important since we are here all the time working together and serving the public every day. We believe in putting in effort to keep the morale high among  everyone, and we think if we can help in little ways to make their work day easier then everyone will be happier overall.

In order to help our staff we need to break down what they do all day, and then assess what we can do to make things easier and more efficient.

First, we will rework how many of the server stations are laid out, as well as the runners area in the kitchen. We will have proper paths for the servers and bussers to take to make sure there are no mixups near the doors. We’d also like to get some new linens and aprons for everyone and take care of washing them so that no one has to worry about it. After that, for many of the full-time employees we would be pleased to supply them with some improved insoles for their shoes. We looked over this site for foot care facts and to try and figure out which insoles would be best for our situation. Getting some news insoles is definitely a game changer when it comes to our line of work, and it’s a great example of how a small upgrade can make such a huge difference.

Renovations and Remodeling

With a relaunch should come a new us, and that includes giving our premises a facelift – both on the outside and the inside. We already have many changes in the plans, but I’m sure we will run into problems along the way so we will stay open-minded. While doing some research online about different kinds of wallpaper that we can get, I came upon a Pinterest pin board that had all these different ideas of how to create a centerpiece wall with a very unique looking wallpaper.

We are looking to keep it on the vintage side when it comes to the decorations and theme on the inside. Take for example this wallpaper below:

I already know what you’re thinking, ‘That’s a wallpaper!?”

I found it along with some other very interesting wallpapers and vinyls for sale on a Singapore Wallpaper site. So while I may not end up ordering from there, it definitely educated us on what is available out there.