Finding a Company to Fit Our Waste Removal Needs

While we may not be a massive organization like a hotel or college, we still have waste problems that are much larger than your average household. Plus we are in a commercial area, so we have to have someone other than waste management come out to empty our dumpsters. We also have lots of materials for recycling, and even more oil that we need to find a use for. We know there are companies that will pay up for the oil, but we need to find the right company to work with.

Waste collection is serious business when it comes to restaurants like ours because we do have a significant amount of food waste at the end of everyday, and it adds up very fast. This can become a problem quickly because animals will be drawn to it, and our current dumpster is quite small in size, and in the past we were forced to leave some stuff outside of the dumpster because there was no more room.

Of course we also require the company we choose to give us many additional containers at no additional cost beyond the first one or two. Beyond that we don’t really have many other requirements.

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