Giving Back to Our Employees

It’s a fact that we appreciate all of our supporters and employees, and we treat everyone like family. Our employees are especially important since we are here all the time working together and serving the public every day. We believe in putting in effort to keep the morale high among  everyone, and we think if we can help in little ways to make their work day easier then everyone will be happier overall.

In order to help our staff we need to break down what they do all day, and then assess what we can do to make things easier and more efficient.

First, we will rework how many of the server stations are laid out, as well as the runners area in the kitchen. We will have proper paths for the servers and bussers to take to make sure there are no mixups near the doors. We’d also like to get some new linens and aprons for everyone and take care of washing them so that no one has to worry about it. After that, for many of the full-time employees we would be pleased to supply them with some improved insoles for their shoes. We looked over this site for foot care facts and to try and figure out which insoles would be best for our situation. Getting some news insoles is definitely a game changer when it comes to our line of work, and it’s a great example of how a small upgrade can make such a huge difference.

Open for Lunch & Dinner

10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Pasta Alla Rosa in Allentown PA is open for lunch and dinner

602 Hamilton St. at Sixth Street
Downtown Allentown
Pennsylvania 18101


  • Call ahead for take out
  • Dine in
  • Catering available