Purchasing New Equipment for the Kitchen

Since we are planning on upgrading lots of our equipment in the kitchen, and looking for new ideas of creative food that we can bring to the menu. One of the upgrades we are looking into is getting an air fryer of some sort, or maybe even a couple. We found a site earlier while doing research for the best air fryer that would fit our specific needs.

We aren’t necessarily looking for big equipment because we are limited on space when it comes to making additions to the kitchen, and we are looking for something particularly easy to use since it will mainly be food runners and those doing food prep. The main idea is to add some items to the menu that can easily prepared by someone other than the chefs, they are already busy enough as it is and shouldn’t be bother with just preparing appetizers.

Anyway, there are endless possibilities, but we need to keep in mind the theme of the restaurant and what has worked well in the past when it comes to what customers liked, and we can even look into taking suggestions from the public too. If you have any ideas or recommendations feel free to let us know.

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Pasta Alla Rosa in Allentown PA is open for lunch and dinner

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