The Wonders of Real Tea Tree Oil

Among all the amazing things that come from Australia, one of the most wonderful things to originate from there is tea tree oil. Although there are now many different variations of tea tree oil, but Australia has the original, strongest tea tree oils, coming from their trees. The oil was used by the aborigines from ages ago, and the oil still has many uses to this day.

First and foremost, tea tree oil works wonders on the skin. Think of it as some type of magical topical solution to things like dry skin, sunburns, infections, and it can even help with easing rashes and acne & blackheads. Do you have a skin tag somewhere on your body, or maybe even one of your pets might have one? This oil will help dehydrate the skin with regular use, which will gradually shrink the skin tag over time. Some report tea tree oil also helps reduce the size and duration of cold sores.

Most tea tree oils are also incredibly useful for cleaning applications. You can clean very sensitive items like a toothbrush, and even use it as a deodorant, which many prefer over traditional deodorant because it’s much less harmful on your skin and pores.

You can buy pure tea tree oil easily online, and if you’re willing to compromise for a weaker, less potent kind, you can probably get some at your local store.


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